The Joy of Regional Food – That’s Only Local

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Nothing like an airport store to discover local food. 

At Nashville, Goo Goo Clusters in cute gift boxes brought back an old memory. A long long time ago many candies were not distrusted nationwide due to the flavor a maybe not having appeal beyond a region. Or maybe they were too fragile to transport (a factoid about the Fifth Avenue bars).

Food-curious folk like me tend to beeline not for a shopping center when traveling but to supermarkets to see what’s unusual.

My fondest road trip memories were checking out the candy sections at convenience stores. That’s where I found the Goo Goo Cluster, not in a fancy gift box.

The airport also featured small batch Nashville-made graham crackers in a gifty box along with a local nut brittle – which every region must have.

Back in Maine, where this cheese went from the maker’s hand to my mouth, plenty fresh cheeses, chocolates and other perishables never make it beyond the state borders, or the region anyway.

Nothing wrong with that. And a boon for local culinary tourism.

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