It’s common knowledge at this point that FRESH content helps your audience stay engaged. You know that much, right? But what does that really mean for your bottom line? Staying engaged through fresh content means you build new relationships, larger sales, and ultimately make more money. THAT’s what social media does for your food business.


Do you wish you could find more time for, or just HANDLE, that social media for your food business that leads to new relationships, larger sales, and making more money? Well now you can, “hands-free,” as CATERERS’ COLLECTIVE provides customized social network posting for your Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter social networks.




OUTCOME: Marketplace relevance, credibility, and income growth.




Your food business may live and die on many things including food quality, delivery time, presentation and customer service. Even when all that and more are at the finest, even when you’re giving your best, word-of-mouth still holds the power to make or break your food business.


That’s because after reading a bad review online, 80% of people change their buying decision. Right now, you may be losing potential customers, or worse, existing customers, without even knowing those bad reviews are out there.


CATERERS COLLECTIVE focuses on building a warehouse of positive reviews. Our strategy is to use our technology to monitor the major social networks; alert you to problems as soon as they appear online; establish a “review control” platform for your business; invite and promote positive reviews and control their distribution as much as possible; to generate so much positive engagement among your prospects and satisfied customers, that any negative content against your brand is “handled” -and competitive local offers- are buried and lost.

OUTCOME: Brand reputation protection, positioning, and income growth.



This campaign includes perpetual, automated “lead-capture,” list-building. That is, electronically capturing names into a database to which YOU can market your food business directly. In combination, and as the driving force to this campaign it also involves social network contest promotion. This exclusive CATERERS’ COLLECTIVE PROGRAM establishes opportunity to continue offering new products/services and/or potential savings to your existing customers as well as to your new prospects, whenever you choose.


This service allows us to continually and strategically promote your offers for you, and also enables you to send out announcements about any specials you wish to promote to your ever-growing list of prospects and customers. All this, hands-free for you.




OUTCOME: Viral visibility, engagement, and income growth.